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Ground Zero provides:

  • a state-of-the-art training facility that effectively replicates disaster conditions

  • highly trained and unstoppable urban-search-and-rescue dogs

  • advanced education and support for our heroic first responders

Of course every dog must pass a rigorous, medical screening. But only after demonstrating the traits necessary to qualify for training in the first place. For instance, they must be responsive to positive reinforcement and undeterred by distractions like loud noises and unstable surfaces. Heroes are made, not born, and even dogs that seem great candidates don’t make the grade.

In October 2018, Billy Sims Barbecue will host its annual pinup program to help offset the costs of a dog. Each dogs costs $25,000 and saves countless lives and serves communities where disasters have occurred. The Billy Sims Foundation will match up to $12,500 of monies raised from the pinup program.

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