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Who we Sponsor

Billy Sims Foundation is a nonpartisan, equal rights organization. We sponsor education, law enforcement, fire fighters, animal rights, health research and awareness, and those organization who support our core values and mission.​


Community Nights 

If you are a sports organization, school or have a local community event that you would like make a request on behalf of, please contact the local store in your area. Requests for food and gift cards should all be made directly to your local store. Store information can be found on our website at

Make a Request

To make a request for donation, please visit our "Contact" page and provide a description of your event. All requests must be accompanied with a link to a website advertising the event and/or marketing materials or documentation for the event. Unfortunately, we receive a large number of requests are we are not able to accommodate all donations.

Most donations are in the form of merchandise that can be used for auctions or giveaways. Annually we partner with 1-3 national organizations ​for a larger event, fundraiser or awareness campaign.


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